Passion Turned Premier Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist - IT CAN BE DONE!

I’ve been obsessed with all things beauty since I was 11. By middle school, I was dying my own hair, highlighting my friend’s hair, and threading my own eyebrows. Throughout the years, my passion for beauty spilled into nails (and now, at home gel nail kits), waxing, and of course hair styling and makeup. Having the opportunity to do hair and makeup for family and friends throughout my high school and college years was a dream and passion. As I graduated college, I found myself pursuing a career in Finance, until my recent move from Chicago to Los Angeles, the capital of entertainment, and all things that follow (including hair styling and makeup artistry). I decided to get formally trained at Michael Vincent Academy in Downtown Los Angeles, which took my amateur skill set to the next level. Now, I’m featured on WeddingWire and Yelp, and I continue to grow my passion into a successful business.

For anyone reading this that has a hobby or passion, but doesn’t think they can turn it into something real – believe me, I’m living proof you can. Just like anything in life, with a little hard work, and drive, you can make your dreams, you hobby, and passion into a reality. 

WeddingWire Feature

WeddingWire is a great spot to find wedding vendors. I, myself, as of today, 11 days post my wedding ceremony, found it to be such a helpful tool. So when WeddingWire asked me to take part in their Q&A on “Wedding Makeup Don'ts From The Experts”, I took great honor. I’ve made my passion into my career and with recognition from the largest and most trusted online marketplace that connects merchants with engaged couples and party planners, I know I am following a path I was meant for.

Making brides look and feel beautiful on one of their most important days in life isn’t always easy. Patience and understanding, along with combining the art of makeup and hairstyling is essential. Incorporating the dress and theme of wedding plays a big part as well. Visions can change, but at Lola + Liv MUA, we hold hair and makeup preview days to ensure it’s perfect.

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